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Casa Ambiente "espacio de libertad"


We all have favorite places and favorite places. For me, an island is associated with a special feeling, a feeling and expression of freedom.

For 35 years I have "landed" again and again on La Gomera, in the Valle Gran Rey. In the last few years I have overwintered there and I appreciate the fantastic year-round climate, nature and the different way of life. La Gomera is my favorite island, the Valle Gran Rey my favorite place. There I perceive a significantly lower level of economization and in many shops and restaurants a significantly lower profit fixation. You take even more time and linger  longer.

The geographical location of the island and the Valle Gran Rey with the mountains in the back, far away from the centers of Europe with their pulsating and noisy cities, is mentally a great prerequisite for practicing "freedom of thought", as Hannah Arendt said .

It is my wish that “Casa Ambiente” becomes a place for people who have remained tolerant, emphatic, simply human, or who are looking for ways to reinforce this in exchange with other people. The need to think about it in peace and to review my own actions is obvious in view of global developments. Using topics such as philosophy, art, nature, politics, sport and chess, I want to build empathic thinking relationships. Perhaps it will even be possible to establish and maintain international friendships.


One specific idea is the Kairos La Gomera time exchange where money plays no or only a minor role, personal conversations and people's skills are in the foreground. Primarily started by German-speaking  "Gomerians", but with international aspirations and above all integration in  the company of the Valle Gran Rey.


But why shouldn't people also integrate who are only on La Gomera for a short time, because:

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
Victor Hugo, 1802-1885

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