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Welcome   in the Casa Ambiente


Valle Gran Rey is the ideal place to slow down, leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind for a while and enjoy the great nature and tranquillity in the beautiful holiday home in El Guro.



In addition to a description of the Casa Ambiente on this website, you will also find information and photos about the beaches of Valle Gran Rey, about El Guro and many tips about La Gomera.


As a host, I am also interested in talking to people personally, whether here on site as a contact person or in advance if you have any questions. Just write me an email or give me a call and ask me your questions.


See you soon, Egon

Pure relaxation!  Casa ambience

The Casa Ambiente holiday home is located in the lower Valle Gran Rey in El Guro. Partially integrated into the rocky landscape, lovingly and creatively constructed with natural materials, stone and wood play a major role and give the holiday home that special touch.



The artists' village of El Guro fits perfectly into the landscape of the valley. Roads, shopping centres or industrial ruins have never existed in the village.


Casa Ambiente offers the opportunity to discover a different quality of life on foot. If you wish, you can discover the wild nature from El Guro on different hiking trails. The hiking trail to the waterfall passes by the house. 



Just opposite the village, you can walk along the Camino de los Reyes stairway, past picturesque villages, towards Lomo del Balo. There, from the terrace of the Macondo restaurant, you have a fantastic view over the entire valley, all the way down to the blue Atlantic.

Image by Hanna Balan.webp

A first impression of the house

Isla de La Gomera 


Rainforest - primeval forest - world cultural heritage
Garajonay National Park

Gomera is small with 25km in diameter, but because of its fissured structure due to the volcanic eruptions, it has an area of 369.8km². Because of the many mountain ridges and gorges, the constant ups and downs in serpentines, it takes about 1 hour by bus from San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey, a distance of 25 km as the crow flies.  

The national park begins above the Valle Gran Rey. One of the last primeval forests on earth, the always humid rainforest is part of the Garajonay National Park. Older than the last ice age it survived. Magical, always worth seeing, always different. Sometimes in the sunshine, and suddenly penetrated by thick swaths of fog from the trade wind fog, it appears mysteriously, fairytale-like and sometimes a little eerie. You feel transported to another time, another world. It is always much cooler in the rainforest than down on the beach, so it is advisable to take a jacket with you.


The highest point of La Gomera is the summit of the Alto de Garajonay with an altitude of 1487m. The trade winds blow mainly in the mountains and in the Garajonay area. But already a few hundred meters above sea level  it blows through, so that there is often cool weather in the vicinity of Arure.

Valle Gran Rey


Sunny village of Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey is the most popular resort on the evergreen island. The valley of the great king stretches from El Retamal in the mountains to the sea. Small bays with fine, black sand invite you to swim all year round. In the Valle Gran Rey everything looks very manageable and is far from mass tourism. The holiday valley is so small that you can explore everything in peace on a walk through the districts (La Playa, Puntilla, Borbalán and Vueltas).  The evenings in La Playa are particularly beautiful when dropouts and hippies gather on the beach to drum the drums as the sun goes down.  

Valle Gran Rey has a wide variety of gastronomy, with many quality restaurants. Experienced chefs offer a variety of dishes, from high quality international cuisine to traditional Gomeran menus and  Food.

If you have health problems, there is a German-speaking doctor in Vueltas.

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