The aim of the website of Casa Ambiente is that you can already see what awaits you in the house and in Valle Gran Rey. The Valle Gran Rey is the ideal place to slow down, leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you for a while, and simply enjoy the great nature, the beautiful home and the tranquility. You will also find information and photos about the beaches of Valle Gran Rey, the rainforest and the Passat fog below. You can find out more about nature, the island and how to get there on the La Gomera page.


It is also about getting into personal conversations with people, the relaxed holiday should start with anticipation and less with many clicks and mails. For inquiries use the contact form.


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Casa Ambiente

The holiday home Casa Ambiente is located in the lower Valle Gran Rey in El Guro. The artist village El Guro fits perfectly into the landscape. There have never been streets, shopping centres, industrial ruins in the village before.


Casa Ambiente offers the possibility to discover a different quality of life on foot. If you like, you can discover the wild nature from El Guro on different footpaths. The path to the waterfall passes by the house. 


Just opposite the village you can walk along the stairway, past picturesque villages, to Lomo del Balo. From the terrace of the restaurant Macondo you have a fantastic view over the whole valley down to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Casa Ambiente is partially integrated into the rocky landscape, lovingly and creatively constructed with natural materials. Stone and wood play an important role.



A space for rest, leisure, reading, creativity, artistic activities.


Or simply to slow down and be.


Regenwald Urwald Nationalpark Garajonay

Etwas oberhalb des Valle Gran Rey beginnt der Nationalpark . Einer der letzten Urwälder der Erde, der immer feuchte Regenwald ist Teil des Nationalpark Garajonay. Älter als die letzte Eiszeit die er überlebt hat. Magisch, immer sehenswert, immer anders. Mal im Sonnenschein, und plötzlich von dichten Nebelschwaden des Passatnebels durchdrungen, erscheint er geheimnisvoll märchenhaft und manchmal auch etwas unheimlich. Man fühlt sich in eine andere Zeit, eine andere Welt versetzt. 

Der Nationalpark liegt in den Bergen, der höchste Punkt ist der Gipfel des Alto de Garajonay mit 1487m Höhe. Im Regenwald ist es immer viel kühler als unten am Strand, es empfiehlt sich eine Jacke mit zu nehmen.

Der Passatwind weht vor allem in den Bergen und im Gebiet des Garajonay. Doch schon ein paar hundert Höhenmeter über dem Meeresspiegel  weht er hindurch, so dass bereits in der Umgebung von Arure häufig kühles Wetter herrscht.

Gomera ist zwar klein 25km im Durchmesser, doch wegen seiner durch die Vulkanausbrüche zerklüfteten Struktur, hat es eine Fläche von 369.8km². Wegen der vielen Bergkämme und Schluchten, das ständige Auf und Ab in Serpentinen dauert es mit dem Bus ca 2 Stunden von San Sebastian nach Valle Gran Rey, eine Strecke von 25km Luftlinie. 


Casa Ambiente is located on La Gomera, the archaically beautiful volcanic island.

Up to the beaches, of which the Valle Gran Rey has several, it is approximately 2,5km. Depending on one's taste, one can swim between the sailing boats and with the rays on the beach of Vueltas in the early morning hours, make a whale watching excursion or enjoy the high waves in the black beach of Playa des Ingles. The Atlantic is often wild, Gomera is not a typical bathing island. Nevertheless, one can mostly swim in the sea, and often also surf. The daily music events have a very good quality, the beach eventand the sunset drum ritual complete the options.

The beaches Babybeach and Hafenstrand are particularly suitable for small children. Both always have sand and the waves are not as strong as at Playa Calera. The Babybeach, actually Playa Charco del Conde, is located between La Puntilla and the harbour of Vueltas. The Babybeach is so called because nature has formed a basin there, which contains only little water during normal waves. Ideal for building sand castles, exploring and bathing. Also the harbour beach has a lot of sand to offer, and calm waves thanks to the harbour wall, so that these beaches are also suitable for bathing during stormy waves.


The Atlantic is often wild, Gomera is not a typical bathing island. Nevertheless you can swim in the sea and often surf. In the evening you can watch the setting sun, including various beach events, or just meditate.

Webcam La Puntilla

Webcam Harbor

Sandy beach and fishing boats at the port of Vueltas

Natural swimming pool "Babybeach" Playa Charco del Conde.

Beach walk from Vueltas to La Playa. In the background the district La Playa.

In La Playa there are daily music events of very good quality. Also in Vueltas, Borbalan, La Calera there are daily events.