Tips  Arrival La Gomera

Gomera can best be reached from the Port Los Cristianos, Tenerife South, by ferry. There are also transfer services from the airport to the ferry, and into the Valle Gran Rey.


In Valle Gran Rey one can also take the ferry directly there,but there are only a few direct Ferry connections. Otherwise you drive to San Sebastian de la Gomera with the ship, and then from there with the "Guagua", Line 1 to Valle Gran Rey.

For Casa Ambiente to the El Guro, stop on demand.


La Gomera belongs to the EU, Spain.


In the Valle Gran Rey there are many German immigrants. 
















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Link Busfahrpläne Linie1 to El Guro 


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The Nature


The original wild Canary Island of La Gomera is loved above all for its fantastic nature. It is the most archaic of the Canary Islands.


Rugged mountains, valleys, gorges, so-called Barrancos characterize the picture. Although it is so small, it has different climate zones.

Desert-like, subtropical. Dry in the south, green in the north, dramatic in the west. 


The Garajonay National Park UNESCO World

Heritage Site, constitutes a large part of the

island's ecological diversity.

There is also the rainforest, a jungle that is

always wet thanks to the trade wind. It is very old, even survived the last ice age.


The rainforest has an important function as

water reservoir of the otherwise rain poor



Laurel forests, Canary Island pine, 10 meter

high tree heath, high fern, Canary Island

dandelion, aloe vera, agaves, and prickly pears are typical of the island.


Bananas, mangos, papayas, oranges,

avocados and lemons, and other fruits more

grow in the agricultural zones of La Gomera.

Typical is the cultivation on stone terraces.


There are no dangerous animals, but there are Gekkos, little lizards. And off the coast there are fish, rays, whales and dolphins


Gomera Tradition

The Gomeros celebrate many feasts. They are particularly attached to the patron saint of the island, Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe, and to Saint Carmen, the protector of fishermen. The traditional music has besides the Spanish also a Caribbean influence.

Dolphine and Wale watching

Dolphins and whales live off La Gomera all year round. There are several providers, also for gentle whale watching. 

For example Pura Vida