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Casa Ambiente - the other quality of life

The house is lovingly designed. Natural materials such as stone and wood play an important role. Wherever you look, you will discover loving details. Like mosaics in the kitchen and bathroom, the decorated cedar wood door of the bathroom. The wall above the bathtub is made of Tadelakt, a millennia-old Berber plaster technique, and thus refers to the native inhabitants of Gomera, the Guanches, who probably come from the Ghomara, a Berber tribe. The Casa Ambiente is partly integrated into the rocky landscape.

In the bedroom the ceiling window offers the opportunity to see the starry sky. In the morning you are woken up by the rising sun. The house offers a view into the valley, to the Barranco.
It is a quiet room for reflection, leisure, listening, reading, artistic activities, simply slowing down.

It should be noted, however, that the Casa Ambiente for people who do not like to climb stairs or can not, because of the many stair steps leading to the house is not suitable. For all those who like hiking the stairs are no problem and maybe even part of the fitness program.

Thanks to the water filter system, you don't have to carry any drinking water, this also makes sense from an ecological point of view. There are 2 small local supermercados in the area, which offer free home delivery service, if you buy from them for an amount over 50€.

The holiday home Casa Ambiente is located in El Guro, the artists village.

El Guro is integrated into the landscape, streets, squares, shopping centres, skyscrapers, shops, have never been there before. If you like, you can go hiking from El Guro. To the waterfall, for example. Casa Ambiente is located on the hiking trail.

Picture gallery Casa Ambiente

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